Asking for Help


It can be a lonely world out there for the ill. Perhaps, especially for the mentally ill?

One becomes stuck with these self- destructive and condemning thoughts that apparently only they can can hear, with only old trackies and the Winter Olympics on TV for comfort. I cannot think of a pain comparable do a debilitating illness.

See, if you can no longer do what you once could, are you still you? If you can no longer feel what you think you should, are you still you? And if you can no longer see a future any different from your present condition, is there still one for you?

It’s rumination. And it can take over.

So THIS is where my title comes into play. I reckon that simple company and friendship can help you escape this madness.

One awaits messages from people who might just want to come over and bake with you for a bit, play a game or even just do something creative. You yourself are too scared to directly ask for it in case your thought of as pathetic and you know you probably won’t be a barrel of laughs to be around either, but perhaps your friend or neighbour will get at least a bit of satisfaction knowing they’ve helped make that day a little easier to get through and that, despite common thought, you can’t get it ‘wrong,’ for in reality, all that is needed is gentleness and time.

I never believed this for myself, particularly in the situation I’m in currently, but I’m learning that ASKING FOR HELP SHOWS STRENGTH and there are people out there who want to show you they are there for you.

So, as for me, this is a message for my friends: for those of you who care and can be patient with my flaws. And for those of you who have any time to spare- this is me asking for the very thing I’ve been rambling on about- help.

Peace & Love


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