Accident & Emergency

Insightful on stigma within a&e which I’ve faced too

imillnotcrazy : notes from a tricky brain

TW: Contains references to Self Harm.

The greatest exposure I have had to the stigma around poor Mental Health is undoubtedly in A&E.  I have lost count of the number of times I have presented at A&E after either cutting or overdosing.  What people generally don’t understand about Self-Harm is that, to those of us who do it, the consequences of our actions do not matter.  For me, it is a coping mechanism, a ‘release’, a way to externalise the pain of my internal suffering.  I don’t do it for attention, or because I enjoy going to A&E.

So it would be good if A&E staff understood this and treated us with a bit more respect.  In fairness, there are some compassionate nurses and doctors whom I have come to know and who care for me as they would someone who had broken a leg or bumped their head.  But all…

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