The Joy of Films.

Sometimes I find watching the right film can act as the perfect distraction for my distressed, loud mind whilst also acting as a bit of an outlet- make you laugh, make you cry. This is why below I’ll post some of the favourite films I’ve watched in the past year- most are available on Netflix- and I’ll also include some series. I hope you might find one right for you- if you ahem any suggestions for me please do post them in the comments…
(TW: Some people may find some triggering although I found them all ok)

Dead Man Walking
Men of Honor
What to Expect When you’re Expecting
Suits (series)
Educating Essex (series)
The Hurricane
Avatar- The Last Airbender (children’s)
Papadopoulos & Sons
Modern Family (series)
Mr Selfridge (series)
Into the Wild
Amazing Grace
The Cider House Rules
Forrest Gump
Samsara (very out there documentary)
Good Will Hunting

I really should get out more…?! 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Joy of Films.

  1. Hi Beth,

    Ordinarily I enjoy film and TV too though I can’t seem to settle down and concentrate on anything at the moment. Modern Family is a good one – short episodes and easy to watch! From that point of view, I also like Friends.

    My favourites tend to be US TV series such as Breaking Bad, The Wire, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Lost, Bates Motel…come to think of it, I should get out more too!


    • Ah I know what you mean, that’s why I like watching them online as I can watch them in bits every now and again and thanks for the suggestions! Tried breaking bad- found it quite intense and difficult to focus- does it get easier after the first episode or two? X

  2. Yeah, I tend to watch online or on DVD and dip in and out too. I know what you mean about Breaking Bad – it is quite dark but I didn’t find it too difficult to follow. Prison Break is on Netflix I think – that’s good and quite easy to watch x

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