Update- Fundraising & Activist Work


Just an update. After an awful start to the week in which I decided I couldn’t do it all anymore and tried something which ended up with me in a bad way, I turned it round and attended an exciting workshop at the Mental Health Foundation HQ in London to discuss an innovative new idea which I won’t be able to talk about for a while. It was great to be part of something I believed in- to be involved and have my experience and voice valued. This week I also hosted a Rethink Plus Twenty Fundraising Tea with some friends, which I was quite proud of doing, and it was brilliant to inform them of just one of the many issues there are within the mental health system in the UK as well as have a fun afternoon in which I really saw how much they all cared and are just genuine angels. Today, I’ve just got back from a sponsored walk with my Wednesday Rethink Group, again it felt brilliant to be participating, getting some fresh air and helping the situation in some way. I hope this is just the beginning of a future involving fundraising and activism.

All in all, for Rethink this week I’ve raised around £220 which has made me feel like perhaps I could make a difference, perhaps I am worth something, and perhaps I may have a future. I am still struggling on but wanted to do a more positive blog after a few ones with sadder tones.


1 thought on “Update- Fundraising & Activist Work

  1. I don’t know how I missed this when you posted it.

    I’m so sorry you had a difficult period but, God, am I proud of what you have achieved since! You seem to have worked out how to channel some of your ‘energy’ in a healthy and positive way. Its great that you have such caring and supportive friends, who are willing to learn and, ultimately, help. Walking is something I find really useful when I’m feeling bad – iPod on, head down and off I go, take it out on the pavement!

    Please try and keep going – you’re making such a difference. As always, you have ((hugs)) from a friend xxx

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