I’m tired too


Hello wonderful readers,

Today I have been reminded of how tiring battling with mental illness can be by this incredibly heart breaking blog from a good friend of mine, do give it a read (http://imillnotcrazy.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/im-tired/)

Whilst having dinner today with my family I poured a glass of water over my head. It’s so odd it should be funny or at the very least some kind of childish joke, but instead, it’s me being forced into giving over control to these impulsive thoughts that seem to be constantly whirring round my head, and humiliating myself in front of others. This links to the tiredness my friend talks about for me. That moment when you lose control- you appear to be ‘mad,’ you’re joking around with a friend and say that ‘you’re losing it’ when you’ve made some silly mistake but behind that you gulp because, in reality, you’re deepest fear is that you are ‘losing it.’…I’m tired too

Who else is tired?


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