Waterloo Road: A False Portrayal Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Mental Illness Talk

I was watching Waterloo Road last night (10/12/2014) and it became apparent that there was a mental health storyline in the episode. I think it is great to have mental health storylines and characters who have a diagnosis of a mental illness on TV because it helps to start conversations and raise awareness but also these programmes have a lot of power. Thousands of people from all walks of life sit down to watch Waterloo Road, that gives the writers and directors a lot of power to help challenge stereotypes and stamp out stigma but last night I felt as though they abused this power leaving only negativity. It was very irresponsible and quite frankly damaging.

The storyline was that Mandy, a 22 year old, had escaped from the mental health unit and ended up at Waterloo Road’s community cafe. She seemed to cling on to Leo and would suddenly…

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