Videos worth of a Watch: All Kinds of Minds Ted Playlist

A Twitter friend recommended this Video playlist to me the other day and I thought they would all consist of the endlessly predictable ‘biological vs psychological’ debate that is getting rather tedious within the field of mental illness.It also seems bizarre as it seems obvious to observers, especially those with lived experience of mental illness that they are both important and should surely just be integrated and treated as both important aspects of an individual’s human experience. In fact, it is now considered this is true for most physical illnesses also: the biopsychosocial model of health which has now been extended to all health not just mental health.


However this playlist encouraged just that, and was refreshingly honest and informative. I will not include all the videos, but will post the link to the page at the bottom as I did feel some were better than others, and, in particular I LOVED Eleanor Longden’s talk on hearing voices.




And here is the link to the full playlist

Have a peaceful few days x


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