Proactive or Reactive?

imillnotcrazy : notes from a tricky brain

TW: contains references to self-harm and suicidal behaviours.  Please proceed with care.

Anyone who follows my Twitter feed will know I’ve had a pretty rough ride over the past couple of weeks.  There is no one thing that I can put my finger on, no definitive reason why I have suddenly found myself back near the bottom of that hole with the rickety ladder, the ladder whose rungs occasionally snap underfoot as I try to climb out.

It’s difficult to describe MH crisis to those who have never experienced it.  People who’ve never struggled with mental illness tend to equate feeling unwell to having a throat infection, or a stomach virus.  It’s not easy to make these people understand the torture of a malfunctioning mind, the anguish and despair that define an episode of severe Depression.  For me, a MH crisis hurts my heart.  It makes me feel dead inside…

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