Poem: With Words I Try

With Words I Try

No words do describe

The battle in my mind

Yet still I search for them.

Fighting for territory

All day and night.

Sometimes I awake just to lie

As tears scream from my eyes

And I’m not sure why

I only notice as they fall,

Willing me to die.

But it’s not all gloom I should try to explain

Some days I’m impassioned enough to proclaim

‘I will beat this and live my life and

Make a difference to others in time!’

But the pain doesn’t stay


For long.

The thoughts, emotions, behaviours they come

To shun and take away those that are my own

To blur any clarity

And leave me once again

Half given-up ranting about disparity.

I hope one day

They will leave me alone

Lessen the blow

As I suppose it’s just tiring

To keep onto hope

When you know you are sighing

Of heart


But to reassure myself I remember

How people always say

Grief is the price we pay

for love.

So maybe, just maybe

I do love my life

And what is happening saddens me

and result in those tears.


I do care to conquer

And move beyond to yonder

Stability and management and motivation.

But if I’m honest,

It all just seems so hard




No words do describe

The battle in my mind

Yet still I search for them.


 Sometimes I feel despondent about writing this blog, trying to find words that describe what is going but it always helps and I’m committing to getting back into blogging regularly.


1 thought on “Poem: With Words I Try

  1. Hi Beth,

    What a beautiful poem. It speaks of heart ache, grief and sadness. But it also conveys hope and a desire to keep fighting, a search for the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s go looking together…I’ll race you!

    Lots of love

    Louise xx

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