I Want to Survive

We never need to give up though we may feel we have to. But you can lower your expectations of yourself- perhaps in just being you you are enough. Do what you enjoy and work hard on what’s stopping you. Cling on to those cravings, desires and hopes for they are the messages you do want to survive beneath all the pain. We can all survive.

I want to survive for those belly laughs in family games. I want to survive for the friends that seem to let nothing put them off their friendships with me despite my multiple attempts, they love me dearly. I want to survive for other people suffering- I believe pain is a red thread that intertwines all those suffering, with mental illness or other life events and when one gives up we can all only despair. I want to survive for the creativity that thrills me and transports me to a focused and calm reality. I want to survive for all the people who have supported me in ways small or large over the last few years. I want to survive because I believe it is the will of the God who made me and he will find a way for me to serve others like me. And I want to survive for me. So I can taste peanut M&Ms, and see my friends and family smile, to feel the wind on my face  and to listen to the music that makes me tear up with its pure emotionality. Giving up is something I feel forced into but I’m choosing to see that there is another way.

Here is my challenge to my fellow bloggers: What reasons, big or small, make you want to survive?

Louise, Claire, My Borderline Journey, Fighting for Becca, Borderline Functional, Ellen, Lauren, anyone who’s struggling?

And post anything, however important on Twitter with the hashtag #iwanttosurvive and lets  see if we can inspire each other along a bit…

Peace and love

Beth x


4 thoughts on “I Want to Survive

  1. Thanks for the mention Beth! A really great community challenge!
    It can be so hard to know why we want to survive at times and the urge to give in to our pain can be so overwhelming. Compiling a collection of all the reasons to keep going, both big and small, is a powerful motivator for recovery! ❤

  2. When things were very difficult, I found speeches like this very inspiring. This is from Churchill at the time when things looked bleakest against the Germans, “We shall never surrender” :

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