I’ve recently been nominated for two blogging awards making me one very happy blogger. I’ll go through these now.

Creative Blogger Award


I have been nominated for The Creative Blogger Award by Louise, (I’m ill not crazy)  and Aimee (BorderlineFunctional) thank you both so much. Do check out their blogs they are inspiring as are both people themselves. They write about experiencing mental illness personally yet the blogs are so relatable and explain with clarity- the issues around mental health we currently face within society.

The Rules

  • Nominate your favourite blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

Five Things About Me:

  1. I was once told by a school friend I was cool because I didn’t mind not being cool (back-handed compliment much?!)
  2. I play drums to a reasonably advance level though due to being unwell I’ve barely touched a drumset in the past year
  3. I am currently in the process of attending RCIA and converting to Catholicism as an adult, something I never thought I’d do but bizarrely is helping me despite being such an unlikely candidate.
  4. I have an obsessive love of elephants. They are magnificent creatures that have intelligence and feel things to a very acute level along with being so beautiful and wise and….I’ll stop 😉
  5. I get utterly absorbed by crosswords and similar puzzles, colouring and doing art. All things I had never even tried before I became unwell and went into hospital.

My Nominations:

On the Way

Blogging for therapy

The Bibli0phile

Pooky’s Poems

Queer Agenda

I draw to Forget

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I was nominated for this award by Aimee who writes the blog Borderline Functional

I have been reading her blog for quite a while and I identify with a lot of what she writes about with such clarity which is not always the case for those who have BPD given it such a wide-criteria spectrum. In fact, her blog has on multiple occasions helped me to view some of my won situations in a slightly different light- helping me to think in less black and white terms. Do click the link and look at her blog.

The Rules:

  • The nominee shall display the respective logo on her/his blog and link to the blogger that has nominated her/him
  • The nominee shall nominate bloggers she/he admires by linking to their blogs and informing them about the nomination

My Nominations:


I’m Ill not Crazy


Lauren vs Derealisation Disorder

Trotter 99

Mentalillness Talk

Beth x


2 thoughts on “Awards

  1. Hey,

    Thank you for both nominations! I’ll get around to catching up with comments/updating my blog/reading others over the weekend.

    I didn’t know you were an accomplished drummer…that’s cooler than not being cool!!


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