Mental health in the manifestos: what are the parties promising?

The Psychiatry SHO*

The general election is nearly upon us.  After five years of fierce discussion, debate and dispute, we finally get a concrete chance to influence the political landscape of this country. And for the first time, mental health has been acknowledged as a key issue. Last year The Mental Health Policy Group, a collection of six leading mental health charities and organisations, published it’s own ‘Manifesto for Better Mental Health’, outlining where they felt the main political parties needed to commit their energies following this election. In summary, they lobbied for:

  • fair funding for mental health services
  • giving children a good start in life (including perinatal care and education on MH at school)
  • improving physical health care for people with mental health problems
  • improving the lives of people with mental health problems (anti-stigma and pro-employment)
  • enabling better access to mental health services

The Royal College of Psychiatrists published their own

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