Where Has Society’s Compassion Gone?

Mental Illness Talk

I was deeply saddened this morning to learn that someone had taken their life on the Victoria Line but I was even more saddened by the reactions that I read on Twitter. I thought our society valued human life and did whatever was possible to stop human suffering but I was wrong as quickly people’s commutes seemed to become more important than the life lost.

Among some of the disgusting and heartless tweets were:

“Always in rush hour on a Monday selfish b*stards”

“Who decides to kill them self on a Monday morning #selfish”

“If someone wants to kill themselves they should do it in their own time not when it interferes with others”

Where has society’s compassion gone? I thought we were beginning to become more educated about mental health and suicide. I thought we had the emotional intelligence to think beyond a delayed train and see the painful…

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