I’m worried about our boys


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 Guest Blog: @iamcherlynn

This morning, my good friend was verbally abused. Don’t worry, the man paid her a compliment before the abuse – “Hey sexy, how are you” he said. How would you react to that? My friend decided to ignore it. The man then exclaimed “Wasn’t talking to you anyway you fat bitch”

There you have the abuse. Why did she get this tone? Did she entice him? Had she goaded him on? Did she abuse him first? No, she just walked on a public road, as everyone else is entitled to without being harassed.

Now there are many issues here to deal with – firstly the word sexy, implying that he is aroused by the way she looks. Probably not the best game to put forward the first time you meet someone. It does work for some, but not for all. Maybe he realised the errors of his…

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