New Instagram page!

Hi all, I’ve just got a new Instagram page for my art that I’m doing!

I find it so therapeutic, it gives me something to do, acts as an outlet and keeps me using my creativity. Do check it out if you have the time- I’ll post the link below but it is also attached on the side of this blog with the latest two photos…

Let me know what you think. In other news I have sit some exams I was redoing and finished up with education for now. Now I’m just looking for what next. Well…I say I’m looking, I’m trying but it can all be quite overwhelming especially as I’m feeling pretty lonely and disconnected right now. It’s this feeling again that I just can’t seem to shake. But then I suppose that’s mental illness- not only is a symptom of BPD itself feelings of emptiness (hard to explain if you haven’t got BPD or similar but do check out my attempt in this blog) but also I’m finding I’m becoming increasingly aware of the isolation mental illness brings as a side effect. There’s only so much fake smiling, and worrying about saying too much with a friend you can manage before you just see it’s easier for everyone if you’re alone.

Anyway, that’s my quick check in for now. Comment below to let me know how things are going with you if you’d like. Or if you do art do share some.



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