Clay Feet (a poem about recovery)

Beautiful and just what I needed to read.

Pooky's Poems

The worst step is always the next one,
The path that I’ve never yet walked;
The first step was almost impossible
The day that I finally talked.

The day that I said I was drowning
That everything wasn’t okay,
I honestly thought things would never
Feel worse than they felt on that day.

But the next step was so far from easy,
The bit where I asked for support
This step meant admitting ‘I’m broken’
My mission came close to abort.

But I thought that the help of professionals
Would make the road smoother for me.
That a shrink and a few hours of talking
Would magically set my mind free.

I was wrong and these steps are the hardest,
Whilst I work very hard to let go
Of the things in my life that are dangerous,
And fill those I love with deep woe.

Changing is painful and frightening

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