This is just a little update from me. Basically I had a meds review with my consultant yesterday and although I couldn’t really see the point of the appointment I went along and after discussion we decided to change one of my medications, the antidepressant I’m on- Sertraline, to Paroxetine. She made me feel hopeful, that there were still options and I picked up a prescription of reduced sertraline to taper off from the hospital pharmacy that day. Outstanding service from my team once again.

However, since yesterday I have found that my sertraline has been being misprescribed since May to a lower dose that I’m meant to be given. I increased it in April to give it a try but it made me incredibly nauseous and so it got reduced again except it was reduced by 100mg instead of 50, so I was on a lower dose than I had been prescribed originally to begin with- the lowest does you can actually get for sertraline. then it went up to 100 again then back to 50 up until now. Bizarre and frustrating. Something like this I would have noticed as I know what I am taking however, due to problems with overdosing I don’t keep my meds, my parents do and give me my doses and because the pill fro 100mg is exactly the same shape as the 50mg, just a little larger- they didn’t notice.

So now I’m left with the predicament of whether to go up to the 100mg dose again and give that a try or to carry on with what we decided changing it to the paroxetine. I’ve gone from feeling hopeful, to frustrated and feeling out of control. My reasonable mind is saying give the higher dosage of Sertraline a try whilst emotion mind is excited by the change, that makes me feel validated and says no go onto the paroxetine. So I called my consulted who understood that it was frustrated (it was not her fault as my GO does the actual prescribing of the medication once she decided what it is) and decided for me that we should go on ahead.

So just a little update there. Just wanted to get that out.


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