The 4od Ad and Isolation.

“I can hear things you can’t”

It’s the first line of an advert on 4od and it really triggered me. The pause after with some emotional music actually almost brought me to tears. Not because of the headphones it was really advertising (yes, kind of an intense ad for headphones!) but because of what my mind jumped to immediately upon hearing it.

Mental Illness.

I can hear things you don’t. I feel things you don’t. I think things you won’t.

And it’s horrible.

Perhaps I’m being presumptuous of the average Joe on the street. I’m just being honest about what I’m thinking and the chances are probability in mind- they won’t have experience of serious mental illness and the sensory experiences, thoughts and emotions that comes as a result of it. And reflecting on this now (I wrote this a few days ago) I see there is one word to describe those feelings and it’s isolation.



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