What the research on hospital death rates really says

Really informative (and reassuring!)

The Psychiatry SHO*

There’s a been a big media splash today about research which shows an increase in the chance of death if you’re admitted to hospital over the weekend, compared to during the week.

Most of it has been reasonably accurate and clear, like the Guardian piece. But some has been misleading, like this Telegraph piece which states that you’re ‘twice as likely’ to die if admitted at the weekend, which seems to be nothing short of fictional.

The actual research paper can be found here [subscription required]. So what does it actually say, in simple terms?

The researchers looked at just under 15 million UK hospital admissions for 2013-14, of which around 280,000 led to death.

They worked out that the chances of a patient dying within 30 days of being admitted were 10% higher if they were admitted on a Saturday and 15% higher if they were admitted on…

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