I can only be me

Hello Everyone.

Something I’ve ben thinking about recently is that perhaps I’m setting myself up to fail in trying to be all these things. Making extra effort not to scare people away with my vulnerability, be likeable, not too intense etc. I can only be me and if everyone else in the world can find friends and people who they get on with being themselves then maybe I can too. Maybe I should stop trying so hard, modifying my behaviour/self so as not to be rejected, mocked, teased- looked down upon, role eyes at. These things rarely happen to me and when they do why does it have to fatally effect me. Nah. Plus, while a certain amount of modification is appropriate say at an interview or something with friends who have already said they like you why not just be yourself. I can only be me after all.

Just a short-rambly one.


3 thoughts on “I can only be me

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