A Learning Experience

Today I have felt incredibly tired for some reason. I think I’ve been drinking enough water and eating sensibly but I suppose I had a lot on yesterday and that’s probably what caused it. Anyway, this has caused a new phenomenon for me which is that I want to do things- the depressive apathy isn’t there but physical tired-ness has meant I have to take some time out as the thing I want to do requires a lot of brain activity. This may seem normal to most people but as I get well I encounter new things along the way and this experience was just one of them. Having to slow myself down a bit, hang on to the reigns as although I may be feeling great- my body has to catch up too, I need to take things gently and in steps. So today I have not gone to what I planned to in the evening, I can go tomorrow evening instead and I view this a positive thing that I’m encountering, and a pointer that I am actually wanting to DO things right now, and am motivated by feelings of enjoyment in certain activities. Fab.


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