A strategy I use for coping with psychosis

Reflecting on it, I have realised when I get psychotic it tends to originate from a single phrase or image roaring round my mind and becoming an obsession that makes me start to see the world differently.

A phrase my brain makes up or comes across, that is usually quite poetic, that makes me feel I’m either receiving a special message from some bigger force or that I am some genius who can see the true nature of all things in a special clarity and creativity.

The more I have become aware of this the more I have avoided the symbols or topics that trigger me towards getting like this but actually I’ve realised I also use another coping strategy. Drawing them out. How I see them. In complex patterns, how in the moment I see the world. Here are some examples of close up inclusions of these phrases in drawings. Once I get them on paper I’ve done something with them and it seems to stop it from circling round my mind and leading to psychosis. This is a very important strategy for me.

image Only a Mustard Seed of Faith

image Do not Fear for I am with You

image Chemicals Spread like Tentative Tentacles

image Die down the Spirit is High, Is love Best? Plenty a Day are Heralded

image  Son of the Devil Cousin of the Colonel

image They’re watching you, surrounding you, stalking you/ A mad mind is busy with eyes/ SCREAMimage I paint the Ceiling and the Walls, They’re filled with the lines of my unconscious


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