Rethink Member’s Day

Yesterday I went up to the Rethink Member’s Day in London. I went with a friend from my Rethink group, having been last year as well. I have to say it was brilliant. Amazing speakers that were really thought-provoking and a member’s workshop which allowed me to say what I’d been wanting to about facing barriers to getting more involved. I made an effort to be assertive and as a result was heard and it felt great that people understood and agreed with my concerns. I also got a chance to meet and chat with Jonny Benjamin who was truly lovely especially considering how many people he probably had to talk to during the day. I was inspired by it all and as a result have re-done my Twitter page to represent where I’m at now rather than something I just use when I’m worse again.

I hope the names & numbers I got from the people I talked to and the advice will help me get somewhere but really this had made me realise in small and subtle steps I’m far further on from how I was a year ago when I went. Plus I think this medication change is really changing things for me in a good way.

Taking Stock of the Positives

Thankyou Rethink!


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