Bio: Hi there, I'm blogging about my experiences of Borderline Personality Disorder & Depression and other general mental health issues. It makes life pretty uncertain- I've been in hospital more than half of this year and this is my attempt to make sense of my current situation positively and hopefully find some company in what I'm going through. Some of it will be uplifting and some of it dark but it is my honest account, I can only be real. I'm also involved in campaigning for better services, love music and am fascinated by the smallest, funniest. most random things at times. One Day at a Time

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  1. Hi Beth, my middle daughter was diagnosed with BPD a number of years ago. It has been very hard for her and those around her. She also has a condition known as Misophonia (a sensitivity in her hearing) that makes her life miserable. I hope that one day there will be something that makes all of this vanish so that all who have to endure a mental illness will be happy once again. xo

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